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What is “Purely”? Offering Pure Products Or Only A Scam?

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For starting any new business today, the first thing that comes in an individual’s mind is beginning with a multi-level marketing model, clearly because, in this model, the company is the one that benefits the most compared to the people recruited in the business.

And, when it comes to the essential oil and health & wealth industry, one knows how lucrative space is and how fast it has also become a billion-dollar industry.

Initially, when it came to MLMs, people only thought of health & wellness products. That is how generic it has become, but, today, people understand profits more and also know what other spaces can be explored that can prove to be more beneficial.

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“Purely” is one such company that focuses on the essential oil markets, beauty and skincare products and that itself is one of the reasons they are not so unique in the network marketing industry.

Let Us Know More: What Is “Purely”?

What is Purely?

Purely is another multi-level marketing company that eyes the essential oils market space and offers various essential oil products that they claim to be all-natural and pure.

They also claim that their products are free from 1000 toxic ingredients, and the highest quality procedures are undertaken for providing the most beneficial properties of their oils.

The company was founded by Tyler Pham and Andrew Khong and is based in Mobile, Alabama.

The company’s mission itself claims, “Deliver products free from harmful toxins so every family can enjoy safe and pure ingredients that work.”

Have A Look At The Products That Purely Offer

Purely’s products are all oil-based, and they also offer a variety of other products in different product categories.

Purely's products

Their product categories are spread across essential oils, beauty, baby care, men’s care, household, jewelry, and CBD products. Let us have a look at it below:

Essential oils

Purely Essential Oils
Purely Essential Oils

Essential oils are categorized into single oils and blends.

Single oils include earthy, floral, citrus, minty, spicy, woodsy and herbaceous.

Combinations include cleansing, hormones and nerves, stress and energy, skincare, detox, and weight management.


This includes their diaper rash cream, baby lotion, baby wash and shampoo, baby oil, soothing balm for baby and mom, and also consists of a bundle of these products.


Milk + Butter Luxury Bath Bombs

This includes their ‘claire skin cleansing’ products like toners, facial bar, and masque.

Purely ‘In the bath’ products line includes soaps, serum, shampoo, conditioner, bath soak, etc.

Their ‘lip care‘ line includes balms, blush, tints, etc. They offer lotions and moisturizers and natural deodorants as well.

Men’s Care

They offer shaving soaps and brush, aftershave, tattoo oil, bath bar, natural deodorants, etc.


This includes a variety of products like all-purpose cleaner, shower gel, pain relief rub, hand soap, hand sanitizer gel, essential oil carrying case, serum, detergent, detox mouthwash, oral care set, breath spray, powdered toothpaste, vapor rub, wool dryer balls, mug, etc.



It offers a package of 5ml basics kits, packages of most popular oils, and Sinopec detox packs.

CBD Based Products

Purely also focuses on selling CBD based products which are an advantage to the company since the CBD oil industry is growing day by day, stepping into the same can benefit the company more.

Their CBD product line includes natural CBD oil, CBD pet oil, CBD oil rub, CBD vegan gummies, etc.

PURCBD products

How Can You Start With Purely?

Purely offers three ways to start your business with them in the form of 3 starter kits that you can choose from.

Purely Starter Kits

The Essential Business Builder kit priced at $99 includes six oil samples, natural shampoo, and conditioner samples, coconut oil and shower gel sample, CBD oil, rub and vegan gummies sample, and charcoal facial masque, bar, tooth powder and deodorant.

The PURCBD Business Builder Kit priced at $189 includes CBD oils in lime, natural and mint flavors 500mg each, 300mg of CBD vegan gummies, 250mg of CBD oil rub, CBD oil sample of 4ml and CBD oil rub and vegan gummies sample.

The Complete Combo Business Builder Kit priced at $269 includes a combination of both the kits mentioned above.

Purely also provides with marketing material supplies that come with the starter kits as below:

  • 60 Day Getting Started Guide
  • 10x Product Catalogs
  • 20x PŪRCBD™ Catalogs
  • 50x Order Forms
  • 10x Host Packet Envelopes
  • 10x Host and Opportunity Brochures

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Let Us Have A Look At Purely’s Compensation Plan

With Purely, you don’t need to buy products to sell them further and earn commissions; you can earn from customer orders and second through a replicated website.

Although, the information on the compensation plan and the different commissions attached to it has not been much found about Purely.

However, with all the available information that could be found below are the ways you can earn with Purely.

Personal Sales Commission

A base rate of 25% can be earned by distributors on personal sales irrespective of their success and rank.

It starts at 25% for personal sales of $0 – $800, 30% for personal sales of $801 – $1599 and 35% for personal sales of + $1600.

Downline Commissions

You can earn up to 6% to two levels, and with higher ranks, it can go to 4 levels deep.

Rank Advancement Bonus

Commissions are based on several underlinings within your downline. The higher your ranks, the higher are your commissions.

Pure Perks Program

You can earn discounts, prizes, and bonus products for setting up a monthly recurring order. And, for this, a $60 minimum order amount must be met to qualify for the program.

The above was the only information that could be found about the compensation plan of purely.

Wonder why a company that claims to offer pure and clean products is not transparent with their program.

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What Are The Positives Of Purely?

  • Commissions can be earned on personal sales.
  • The entry-level commissions at Purely are much higher than their competitors.
  • It also focuses on CBD based products.

What Are The Negatives Of Purely?

  • No clear and enough information is provided regarding their MLM program.
  • No discounts are offered for general sales.
  • Income potential is low since there are similar products in the market.

What Can We Conclude? Is Purely A Scam?

Purely cannot be called a scam or a pyramid scheme.

It is a legit essential oil MLM company that has products to be sold. It also offers many CBD based products, which is a plus point for a company like Purely, which faces fierce competition from companies like Young Living and doTERRA.

However, at the end of the day, it is only an MLM company that requires many things to be fulfilled by a distributor for earning commissions.

So, getting into any MLM for making a decent income is something that cannot be recommended because most of the time, people fail in the business.

But, if you are a person interested in selling essential oils or CBD based products, then you can give it a try, but I suggest you start your own online business!

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How To Start My Own Business?

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • Feochadan

    I was reading another article that said that 98% of people who choose to sell through an MLM company lose money. I can believe that because of the high cost of the starter packages which you’ve shown very well here. Until you have a decent downline, there’s almost no way to earn money. There are much better ways to earn money and I think you’ve illustrated that very well. Thank you

  • Alwande7

    Wawoo what a nice and powerful information, thanks for sharing with us this information, it’s really good, to know about this product,,,, and how it’s work,  as you mention at the end of content most of this product is for the woman,, and thanks for encouraging women, to start their own business online.

    I will share this powerful information with others woman, who a know.

  • Fluffy Duck Studios

    Hi Jelena, great post. It never ceases to amaze me just what new MLMs are dreamed up every year, selling everything from a pin to an anchor. 

    Purely appears to have many of the hallmarks of a typical MLM programme – high start-up costs, high risk, ever-changing qualifications for incentives and bonuses, lack of effective control of your business as an independent operator, etc. Often in these schemes only a very small percentage of members/distributors are active and earning good money.  The vast majority generally earn about break-even or nothing at all.  The best way to make money and reduce risk in an MLM programme such as this is not to join in the first place.

    • Jelena

      Hahaha, I just like your last sentence, and I totally agree. Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way. I was part of several MLM companies until I realized that everything always came down to the same. I’m left with a bunch of products and no money.

  • Twack Romero

    Not necessarily another one to avoid then. Though there might be better options out there in the market place. I agree entirely, that this particular market place is very competitive. Selling products like this is going to be hard work, beauty products especially. Every one has their favourites.

    Having come across similar companies in the past, I see a reccurence of the monthly qualifying spend. This is always a turn off for me. It seems that from the outset, the company is just using you as another customer, rather than an individual who needs to be supported. It doesn’t seem very symbiotic but that’s just my take on it.

    If you do have an outlet for this kind of product, then 25% as a basic commission, isn’t that bad, there is worse out there. As something to add to an existing portfolio might be the way to go with this one. Just adding another string to your bow.

  • shariful islam

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us. Today, everyone is doing business in the online world and by describing the products here, it seems to everyone that the products are really authentic and they try to attract the buyers with their products. And now online businesses are MLM businesses. And MLM people are more than just words for health and wellness. And I work as a marketer so I try to attract buyers to different product details so that if they buy it I can earn a commission from there.

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