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What Is Sanki Global: Carving a Name For Itself Globally Or Only a Scam?

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Every MLM that we talk about nowadays is all for, to, and by the health & wellness market industry.

They have only come into existence because the need to have a perfect body, health, and enhanced wellness is what people need in today’s time and age.

The companies are not to be blamed for this in any sense.

It is the mentality of people for always looking tremendous and fit that make such companies open up businesses that deal only with the health and wellness products.

Because the consumers are asking, the companies are lined up to provide something ‘different’ that improves health and overall wellness.

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Another MLM structured company named “Sanki Global” has been trying to mark its name in the health & wellness market industry with its products.

What Is Sanki Global?

what is sanki global

Sanki Global is a USA based company that focuses on Japanese ideologies.

Its name Sanki Global is also derived from the Japanese language. Where San’ is a Japanese suffix, which means respect in the highest degree, and Ki means vital energy and life-generating force.

Sanki Global is an MLM company that deals in the health & wellness niche and is founded in the year 2010 by Alejandro Lopez Tello and Bejit Edeas.

Alejandro is also the CEO and President of the company, which is based in Nevada, USA. Alejandro has about 16 years of experience in the network marketing industry, and eight have been with Sanki Global.

Their website talks about Sanki Global being a reflection of a different ideology, which is a mixture of balance, purity, technology, and the search for wellbeing.

Their laboratory is located in Japan, where they develop Nutraceutical products through the disciplines Nutrigenomic, Nanotechnological, and Biotechnological.

Though they are based in the USA, they focus on Mexico as their market. And, the website traffic comes from Mexico at approximately 96%.


What Are The Products That Sanki Global Offers?

Though the products are named under Sanki Global, manufactured by Sanki Mayor, and co-founder Bejit Edeas has been responsible for connecting Sanki Global with Sanki Mayor. Little confusing, isn’t it?

They make products by combining the power of nanotechnology and nutraceutical formation, followed by clinical testing.

The products include:


Belage is a dietary supplement that increases energy production, improves mitochondrial function, activates the body’s nutrients, and improves blood circulation.

All of that by using rosemary and olive leaf extracts and improves overall cellular health.


It is also a dietary supplement that speeds up metabolism decreases the absorption of sugars and carbs in the food.

It contains strong anti-glycemic properties and proves to be an antioxidant that helps in weight loss.


This is a dietary supplement beverage mix in the form of purified water.

It helps contribute to pH balance in the body, improves bowel movements, improves resistance to stress, and supports hormonal balance.


Hasaki is a dietary supplement powder that comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

It increases brain activity with better blood circulation, protects mitochondria from oxidative damage, helps in hormonal balance, improves microcirculation, and also increases absorption of protein by 20%.

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Sanki 10D Intelligent Nutrition

This is an entire package of the Sanki Nutrition System, which includes all the other products mentioned above.

It can transform your body in just ten days and improve the overall quality of life.

How Can You Join Sanki Global?

Joining any MLM structured company comes with a membership fee.

To be a part of Sanki Global, you need to pay around $49. You can also purchase one of their packages that they offer such as:

  • Basic Pack – $270
  • Executive Pack – $530
  • Pro Pack – $1150

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However, unlike many MLMs that have compensation benefits tagged with their packages, Sanki Global offers no benefits with the purchase of their packs.

Also, the more expensive the package, the more products it comes along with.

Let Us Now Have A Look At Sanki Global Compensation Plan

Recently, there have been a few MLMs which do not disclose anything about their compensation plan, Sanki Global does the same.

The little information that I have about their compensation plan is with the help of the research on the Internet.

Anyway, let’s have a look at it.

Retail profits

Commissions are earned by selling directly to customers at a retail price after buying the products at a wholesale rate.

Residual Commissions

Sanki Global follows a binary compensation plan.

Commissions are earned by the members you recruit and the sale made by them. The more people you recruit and the more sales they make, the more profits you earn.

They follow a system of ‘Pairing’ which here is termed as ‘Carry.’ It means buying or selling two products on each side of the binary structure, and based on carrying pairings, an affiliate generates the residual incomes are decided.


Recruitment Commission

Earnings are based on recruitments done by you. Still, you will only get this commission if you own an auto-ship order within three months of signing-up.

Savings Fund

9% of the company’s vast sales volume is taken by Sanki Global and placed in the savings fund, which is calculated every 8 to 9 weeks.

The perks include travel allowances, trips, gifts, and cash rewards.

However, they do not provide any information on individual saving funds. And, they are generally given to the Duplicator and higher ranked affiliates.

Coaching Bonus

These are 25% match on residual commissions, which are earned by personally recruited affiliates or referred affiliates.

The compensation plan is quite similar to other MLM programs such as American Dream Nutrition, Isagenix, Yoli, etc. The idea is to meet other people with the company, create a team below you from the people you recruit, recruit new members, and so on.

The bigger the team, the more money and bonuses you earn.

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Affiliate Ranks In Sanki Global

Affiliate ranks include a total of 12 levels as below:

  • Starter
  • Starter Certificate
  • Duplicator – to reach here, you need to maintain and recruit at least four qualified members. They also need to recruit at least two qualified members each and generate at least 100 GV every four weeks.
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador

Weirdly, qualification criteria for all other ranks other than Duplicator have not been mentioned anywhere by Sanki Global.

What Is Nice About Sanki Global?

  • It has been in the business for the past nine years
  • The co-founder Alejandro Lopez Tello is also a senior in the network marketing space with around 16 years of experience in the industry.

And, these are the only good points about Sanki Global.

What Is Not So Nice About Sanki Global?

  • The website does not show any details about their compensation plan.
  • They do not even specify the residual commissions a member can earn.
  • Their membership packs are too expensive.
  • After becoming their member, Sanki Global forcefully gives you a script for making cold calls that you cannot change or improvise upon.

    An official document of support for the success of Sanki Global “S3 Success Support” was presented as an official recommendation by Sanki Global to “succeed” in business.

    The newly affiliated affiliates of Sanki Global are advised to make a list of thirty people. They were then told to cold-call these people and send them unwanted samples.
  • Nothing is new with their products in an already saturated market.
  • No chance of a better income earning potential with their products.
  • There is no Income Disclosure Statement. The Income Disclosure Statement gives solid figures on the actual revenue of the average distributor. Such a process eliminates any claim that the company misrepresents opportunity or profit.

Final Thoughts On Sanki Global

So, the question was: What is Sanki Global? Sanki Global is an MLM company quite near to being a scam.

One reason is that it does not disclose any materialistic information like the compensation plan, which is exceptionally essential to a member.

They do not even specify anything about the residual commissions a member can earn. Even after being nine years in the business still, it hides crucial information from people is a matter of grave concern.

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Sanki Global is not a business opportunity that can be trusted because of being so concealed about the necessary information any member would need before becoming a part of it. Hence, avoiding it is a good option.

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