What Is Smart Dollars Club
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What Is Smart Dollars Club? Can You Earn $300 In A First Day?

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The Internet undoubtedly a wonder of human research, which is giving opportunities to everyone for earning. As good things come bad things also joins the internet is also having scams websites around, which trick people by wasting their money and time both.

What is Smart Dollars Club? Is it legit?

The world is growing faster, the requirements of the people are increasing day by day, so the cost of living is increased in the past decade or so.

Moms tend to find work from their home to earn something for family and me to do the same from many years successfully.

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What Is Smart Dollars Club?


Today my review is on SmartDollarsClub which is a survey site. They claim to pay $100 to $300 a day. Now, that did catch my eye and forced me too to go through the site, and I found it as ridiculous.

Today biggest survey sites as Swagbucks are not able to give half of it, and these people are saying they will pay you the highest money from a survey.

We will see how it works, its cons as this site are a scam for me so no Pros, and other option than this website to earn money from the online platform.

Smart Dollars Club is relatively new in the market and making buzz due to its claims as they say we pay you $100 than $300 in a single day. It basically surveys website which pays people for their work; actually they are not giving any work lets be true from starting of this review.

How To Join And How It Works?

It is free to join as a usual; smart way to bring people to your website. You just need to click on the button and sign up with your email adress.

SmartDollarsClub sign up

After signing up, you will straight away receive a mail from them that you are the luckiest person to be selected; only 1% person get a chance to work with them.

Well, that’s rubbish; this mail sent to all, and they are adding everyone so fake message to start with. This site is fooling people with a pretty old trick which many will get an idea when they begin work in the Smart Club.

Alert: Actually what I felt is that it is not a survey site; it is a referral site which will directly send you to other survey sites when you join it.

Smart-Dollars-Club - Infographic

So don’t trust this site as promises are not real; it is like you will get a lollipop from them of promises, and you will get nothing in real.

No owner of the Smart Dollars Club;
No proof who has made this site, no address, no contacts – nothing!
So you can quickly get an idea of this scam site.

Then, when you click on $100 offer, you will be blocked there if you are using antiviruses. Now that’s such a childish thing to do.

They don’t even have the right content; it shows the message of malicious content so you cannot move forward which is great – you will not waste time if you have antivirus.

If you do not have antivirus then you will be taken to other survey sites and again you have to sign up.

Once you do that you will receive mail of $150, well that will make you crazy but still, when you claim for the money you will be sent to other sites for survey and same procedure there also sign up and then your temperature will start rising as you know that they are trying to make people fool.

Actually, the figure they are using for pay is nothing but a trick or say prank with people to attract more and more people around the world to get website traffic and make money from them by forwarding them to other survey sites straight away after someone join this website.

They are targeting people who are looking for online work. So they are using them and making money out of them by using their emails and making them signup everywhere to other survey sites.

Is It Smart Dollars Club A Scam?

  • Start with it is a Scam, so, big NO don’t even open this site if you are reading my review
  • All the promises are totally wrong and fake.
  • They are using your data and making money out of it.
  • You will get spam emails as you sign up
  • You will not earn a single penny from the smart club.
  • It is free to join here is not and the good thing, actually biggest con as they trick people from there.

My Conclusion

0 stars review

This website is a total scam, no doubt when a site says to you that they will pay you $100 or $300 for surveys, where another site gives only $10 to $30 per month, and that too very few websites.

So my answer to this site for joining is a big NO.

Don’t even visit the website else you will waste your time.

Affiliate marketing can be a good option if you want to work online from your home. Why tell this?

Because most of the survey sites don’t pay too much, and you will not get growth from it, but affiliate marketing allows you to do multiple works and also gives you a chance to grow in life.

The most important thing you can do work from anywhere and you are not bound for any targets or nothing, just work for yourself – your work and dedication in this field will give you money.

In affiliate marketing, a Wealthy Affiliate is a great option. It is free to join, you will get training, which is a good thing to learn faster, and you will know how to earn money from affiliate marketing.

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