What Is Social Proof Marketing
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What Is Social Proof Marketing? Can “Proof” Helps ​Gain Customers?

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Yet another solution for websites or online businesses.

Enter a solution for websites that increases user optimization and conversion rates for people having a business online through their website.

Today, we are going to get more informed about what is social proof marketing and a great tool called Proof?
An online solution for websites for them to increase conversion rates.

Talking about it, the world has come so far today that the Internet has not only made almost everything possible at the click of a button but also have now started providing solutions to people who have websites to show them how to increase leads and convert them into sales. Isn’t that amazing?

First of all, let us learn what this magic solution is?

What Is Proof?

what is Proof

With the help of social proof techniques, Proof helps websites to increase website conversions with visitor traffic base. It is purely an online solution for conversion optimization.

And, in my opinion, Proof is one of the best social marketing tools.

Proof’s aim is to simply increase the conversion rate of a website by converting the visitors of the landing pages into potential customers.

We’ll get into their technicality later but for now first, let us know what are social proofs and how social proof techniques help in conversions?

What Is Social Proof Marketing

Social proof is nothing but normative social influence, where people generally get influenced or conform to ideas or views of others in society on certain things.

This social influence always has a more profound impact on other customers who are looking out for something on a website.

For example, when you are browsing something on the net and land into a website where you see a testimonial or a review of your favorite celeb, or maybe an expert that you look up to. 

You get influenced by them so that you want to buy that product or service too because they have recommended it that is also social proof.

Social proof is basically taking into consideration other people influences to pull more potential leads.


Even, the experts from the industry are of the view that when customers land up to a page where they see others talking about the same positively, i.e., in the form of reviews or testimonials, it triggers their decision towards making a sale for the product or service.

These indirect influences that other customers have or the experts have on the website plays a significant role psychologically in the minds of the potential customers who moreover get charged towards buying the same.

Social proofs are third party proofs that does so much for the landing pages so much so that it only increases the conversion rates benefitting the websites.

What The Different Types
Of Social Proofs Are?

  1. Social media – This is one of the most famous social proof where celebs or renowned personalities talk about the product or service through tweets, Instagram or Facebook posts and updates. Any kind of advertisement done by them through social media works here.
  2. Testimonials – These are a beneficial form of social proofs since they are small briefs about the experiences of happy customers, which really proves to be effective on the minds of other customers.
  3. Case studies – These are nothing but a more in-depth review of the experience of using a product or service by the current customers.
  4. Reviews – These are again like small testimonials that current customers give out their viewpoints regarding their experiences of using the product or service.

So, Proof is an online tool that makes use of all these social proof techniques in order to help websites increase their sales at the end of the day. This is the goal of Proof.

How Does Proof Works?

It requires the installation of a marketing pixel into a website that copies and pastes the widget codes into pages, and also you do not need any expert knowledge to do so.

Once these codes are added, it will display the features that Proof has for these websites like showing the activities of other site visitors and how they make purchases, sign up for memberships and much more.


It has navigational tools that record everything right from the point when the customer clicks to enter the website to the point where he/she makes a purchase.

It also gathers information about all these visitors to make the website owners know that what kind of audiences are present in the online world and not just gives a count of visitors.


What Are The Different Features
That You Get With Proof?

  • Counts live visitors – It will accurately show you how many people are browsing or viewing your webpage.
  • Notifications about the activities – This shows all the activities that the past customers have made on your webpage & the new customers seeing these notifications are more influenced towards making a sale.
  • Identifies the visitors – It shows the profile of all those visitors who provide their emails.
  • Customized – This tool can be fully customized according to your needs, wants, and convenience.
  • Customises the time of the notifications – This helps in deciding how long you want the notifications to display on your website.
  • Tracking customers’ journey – You can also see the route a customer is taking to visit your website & then reaching the purchase point.

So on and so forth, there are many other features of Proof that you will know more from their website.

Get Started With Proof
With The Following Steps

First and foremost, you don’t require any coding skills for using Proof.

  1. Sign Up for 14 days Free Trial
  2. Choosing your plan – You need to decide on which plan you will require to go ahead with your website. Plans include Basic, Pro, Business, Premium, Platinum & Enterprise.
  3. Installation – Install the marketing pixel on the pages and after that copy and paste it within few seconds.
  4. Connection – Just connect Proof with your landing page software and other website platform.
  5. Launching – Here, you need to start or initiate the social proof notifications on your website.
  6. Integration with other platforms – You can easily set up Proof on any other website platform that you are using.

Pros of Proof

  • It gives you notifications at the exact time that will make you know more about your visitor’s actions.
  • It integrates other commonly used software.
  • It has a smooth, signup process.
  • It allows real sign-ups to be used.

Cons of Proof

  • The website might seem a bit difficult to understand for beginners.
  • The pricing plans are a bit on the costlier side.

All in all, we can see more pros here for Proof.


It is proof enough now that this tool only does the best to website owners. It claims it can increase leads and sales by 10% in less than 10 minutes.

Well, really not surprised by this since its sole purpose itself is for the conversion of leads and boosting sales. It offers a 14-day free trial too, so you are not risking money.

One should really try out this amazing tool because it can only do good for your website plus actually helps in increasing sales at the end of the day.

Proof is a successful tool, working on the great idea of social proof marketing and you could also be a part of this success story.
What are you waiting for? Just go for it.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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