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What Is Survey Rewardz? Get Paid On Surveys

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There are so many survey sites which are trending online; some are good, and some are scams. People are always looking for guidance to select the right one to work.

Today I will review on survey site called Survey Rewardz. This review on Survey Rewardz will help you to decide on whether to select this site for work or not.

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Survey Rewardz as the name says, is a survey company. This company pays you for survey work. To start with it’s a legit survey site which pays its users for their work so no problem in joining Survey Rewardz.

They handle Survey Rewardz from Dallas, Texas USA. Users from countries like the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK, are eligible to join.

You need to be 18+ to join this group for work. Survey Reward is a great site, and it has a large group of working under their tree.

What Is Survey Rewardz

It is a simple and easy site to join.

You have to complete the formality of joining, and you will be a member of Survey Rewardz in a few minutes.
Just give your basic information like Age, Education level, Marriage status, Parental status, and Demographics.

The second thing they are not doing referral work. SR have their own contracts with the companies from that they will make you work. Yes, keep one thing in mind, you must qualify for a survey given to you.

How Do The Surveys Work?

Survey Rewardz way of working is a little different from other Survey sites. You will not get any spam emails or invitations.

Login to your account, and start working in Survey Rewardz. They will give you a list of surveys for work. Select your topic and start providing answers.

They give multiple choices for work, for example, if you are not qualified for one survey, then they will provide you with another survey topic on which you can work. Surveys given on this site are easy and quick to complete, and the rewards are reasonably good.

They are having shopping and another option where you can earn more than surveys. You can also get higher paying surveys, but all this depends on your luck. It’s sporadic you had the opportunity to earn extra in Survey Rewardz.

Survey Rewardz review

You have to pass a qualification stage for every survey you intend to take.

This makes it challenging to earn a steady income on Survey Rewardz. They don’t refer to other survey sites where you can work extra. I feel it is a drawback of this site. So, it is difficult to make some extra money from Survey Rewardz.

Rewards In Survey Rewardz

Payment is like any legit site.

They are paying on an average $2 per survey which is good for survey work. The minimum threshold is $1 in Survey Rewardz. The money redemption process is approximately one week. They are paying in PayPal and check (mailed checks may take up to 30 days to reach the owner).

You can also select Amazon Gift Cards, Prepaid Visa Gift Cards instead of cash. Mailed Check has minimum payment out of $5.00.

There are hidden charges while withdrawing:

(1) PayPal deposits attract $0.50 if the amount is below $10.00.
(2) Dwolla payments attract $0.25 for payments below $10.00.  
(3) The fee varies for Visa Gift Cards, but Amazon Gift Cards are free. What is immeasurable in survey Rewardz they don’t cheat.

They pay you for your work!

Every survey sites have Pros and Cons so does Survey Rewardz. Now let us see some Pros and Cons of Survey Rewardz.


  • Registration is free
  • Joining process is simple and easy
  • Give proper information for surveys. It will give more opportunities to work.
  • You will not get spam emails
  • You get the option of cash out at $1 through PayPal which is not possible in most of the Survey Sites.
  • They have kept all things simple and secure, and no Pop-Ups, advertisements will irritate you.
  • You receive regular work from Survey Rewardz.
  • You will get an idea of how much you can earn from the survey given to you.
  • They have multiple choices like Amazon gift cards and many more


  • You will only get work if you qualify.
  • You cannot earn big from Survey Rewardz.
  • People from the UK, Canada, U.S, & Australia can only join Survey Rewardz.
  • Charges apply on payments on PayPal are 10%.
  • They give no referral work.

My View About Survey Rewardz

What Is Survey Rewardz

Survey Rewardz is a friendly site as it allows you to earn a few bucks by doing survey work. I feel its useful website for someone who loves to do survey work. It is a valid site and gives good rewards to its users who work for them.

So, if you are looking for survey work, then Survey Rewardz can be the right option to join.

Also, if you are looking good survey sites to earn, check my reviews on Clixsense and Swagbucks.

I assume survey work is good but only for time pass. You cannot think of getting any significant money, and I feel when you can’t earn big from work you do in future than you are on the wrong track or you expect miracles in life, which will never happen.

A person who wants to achieve something in life has to work hard for steady progress an earning which gives a good return for your hard work.

It’s my personal opinion as I don’t prefer survey work because of earnings which you get are like pocket money.

There are many other ways to earn money. As I have mentioned in previous reviews affiliate marketing is a far better work than survey work. Take any big site of survey against affiliate marketing, and it cannot give returns like affiliate marketing.

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To start with affiliate marketing you need proper training because this is work that needs some time to grow and you need to know how to do it properly.

But, If I can earn a full-time income from it ( and I’m just mom who needed money, not IT expert), then anyone can.

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It’s free to join, easy to understand as you get help at every stage of your work. So, all the mommy’s who are looking for work which can be done from home – here’s the site which can help you out.

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I hope you like my post, and you find out what is Survey Rewardz and how to get paid on surveys, or how to start with affiliate marketing.

If you have any questions, please write them below and I will be happy to answer you.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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