What Is The AdvoCare scam
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What Is The AdvoCare? Scam Or Caring Company?

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Now, we are really tired of the fact that health and nutrition-based companies are just not taking a break and are being born every day with their so-called “newer ideas and newer technologies.”

Well, very honestly, all this seems only fake, with more and more companies emerging out of nowhere.

Like seriously, we are tired only by looking at the long list of such MLM companies who come out every day with different criteria in their business model claiming the same things more or less, only the words are twisted here and there.

Why do these companies work with the same business ideas, and why do they come into existence in the first place, is a question nobody can answer.

Even after knowing there is a volcano of companies that deal in the same health and nutrition-based industry still, new companies have to come into this market and try and show people how “different” they are from others.


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Had these companies actually invested in something very original or unique, they would have been successful in the real sense. They would have been an example to the other companies as well.

Health/wellness/nutrition is an industry that is so “wanted to be tapped” industry by so many out there.

Today the scenario is such where anyone talks about an MLM company, the first sector that comes into mind is the health and nutrition-based industry.

I wonder what makes different companies only deal with this sector as if other areas don’t exist at all.

But, that being said, it is also a fact that people nowadays are only most concerned about their body and maintaining overall health.

And, because companies know this, they only work around this mindset of people and then actually play around it to instill their products or services in the consumer’s mind and influence them to buy only their products.

“AdvoCare” is one such company that deals in the health and nutrition industry that we will be talking about today. Let us see if they are a genuine company or only a pyramid scheme or a scam.

What Is AdvoCare?

AdvoCare is an MLM company at heart, mind, and soul that deals in products for health, nutrition, weight loss, and energy and sports performance.

Charles Ragus started the company in the year 1993 and headquartered in Plano, Texas.

In 2013, it employed around 250 people and in 2019, it claimed it has a network of approximately 100,000 distributors and went from a multi-level marketing company to a single-level direct selling company.

And, the reason the company went on to become a single-level direct selling company was it was determined by the FDA to be a pyramid scheme.

AdvoCare meant “advocates who care,” but soon, the FDA found out that they do not care much for anybody because they are only a pyramid scheme.

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What Products Does AdvoCare Sell?

AdvoCare’s product range consists of different dietary supplements, shakes, blends, sports performance supplements, etc.

AdvoCare Spark

This is their flagship product, which is a vitamin and amino acid supplement, an energy drink.

It contains sucralose, which is nothing but an artificial sweetener that creates toxic chemicals in our body.

AdvoCare Slim

This is their weight loss supplement and is a Metabolic Nutrition System. This supplement increases energy levels and burns off excess body fat; this is what they claim, but there are no published studies to prove the same.

AdvoCare Omegaplex

This is again a dietary supplement that contains Omega 3 and fatty acids.

This supplement supports heart health and overall wellness.

There are other products as well, but it is better not to get in detail about them because all of them are made from harmful chemicals and sweeteners that only end up doing evil to the health as against the claims they make.

It also sells products under specific brand names like Active, Well, Trim, Performance, Fit, Elite, 24-Day Challenge.

24-Day Challenge And 10-Day Cleanse Programs

These are two of AdvoCare’s programs.

The 24-Day Challenge is a lengthy document that also features a smartphone application and virtual assistants.

It is all about the food recommendations that you will need to follow, including proteins, vegetables, snacks, etc. also the water consumption and the recommended portions.

It is basically a meal plan in the name of the 24-day Challenge.

As far as the 10-Day cleanse program is concerned, it wants you to use their AdvoCare herbal cleanse system, AdvoCare Omegaplex blend, and AdvoCare spark.

By using all these products, they claim they can cleanse the body and promote strength, core nutrition, and help with appetite control.

Well, both these programs only seem to be fake and only articulated for promoting their products.

How To Get Started With AdvoCare?

At the end of the day, it is only an MLM company that obviously has a start-up fee like all other MLM companies.

The start-up fee is $79, but the thing is the amount just goes up and up once you become their distributor with all the monthly auto-ship payments, etc.

Anyway, there are two basic ways of earning from AdvoCare, just like any other MLM company.

  • Retail sales – selling directly to the consumers and earning retail profits.
  • Recruitment – the more people you recruit in your downline and the more sales they make, the more money you earn.

Well, it is also essential to note here that the company has gone from a multi-level marketing company to a single level direct selling company.

So, you can calculate how less are your chances of earning anything from this company.

Controversies With AdvoCare

An Olympic swimmer was tested positive having ‘clenbuterol’ in 2008 after making product testimonials for free AdvoCare products and it was later even tested that its product was tainted.

In 2009, Dallas County jury charged $1.9 million after finding that the company was engaged in deceptive trade practices and had also canceled agreements with two of its distributors.

Pediatricians had concerns with their product ‘Kickstart Spark’ aimed at children 4-11 years, which contained 60mg of caffeine.

The Federal Trade Commission determined it to be only a pyramid scheme. The company used support from professional athletes, sponsoring sporting events, and conferences, and more to pitch what it described as a life-changing business opportunity. The FTC calls it a pyramid scheme and says AdvoCare cheated hundreds of thousands of consumers.

The company has also threatened some blog owners for writing negatively about them.

Since we now know the company is not to be trusted, who has been in controversies all over and whose website also cannot be accessed is a company that can be called a scam.

Hence, there aren’t any pros.

Cons Of AdvoCare

  • Held in many controversies.
  • Too many questionable ingredients.
  • Low-quality ingredients at a high price.
  • FTC determined it to be a pyramid scheme.

The Final Verdict On AdvoCare

AdvoCare is definitely a scam and can be called a bogus company.

Nothing is transparent about them neither on the Internet nor does their website exists or gives out any other useful information about them.

If it had been any genuine, there would have been proper information about them, or they would have continued with the access of their website, which does not happen.

Surrounded by so many questions and controversies, one cannot trust such a company to forget about using their products or doing business with them.

AdvoCare definitely does not care for people and hence, even initially, when it was much activity in the market, it only had questionable ingredients in its products.

Working with a controversial company like this is not recommended.

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