What Is the Avon. Scam or Legit MLM Company
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What Is Avon Company? Scam or Legit MLM?

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It has been a long time I haven’t written for a good MLM company. If you are thinking about starting a direct selling company, then you are at the right place I have got one company for this review called Avon.

We all look for work to do something good in life. But for that, you have to find the right job and place to get regular work. 

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Today I am going to give a review on Avon Company; its good and bad points. You will get the right idea of the company from this review. 

What Is Avon?

It is one of the oldest company and most prominent names in cosmetic products selling. It has a long history. Many write that famous line trying Avon calling!

As they post on Avon official site, it is an old company and a leader in its industry. Its history is 125 years old, and they are selling their products in more than 100 countries with more than 6 million people family and generating over 7 billion in sales each year.

Avon has many products in its catalog cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, fashion, and home products too.

The company’s track record is not bad, and they are involved in many good causes too, like breast cancer and domestic violence globally.

Avon Products


Well, Avon products reviews are a mix, but they are not on the right side.
Their most popular product is the Skin So Soft – original bath oil.

Products are divided into those categories:

  • Makeup
  • Skin And Care
  • Bath And Body
  • Fragrance
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion
  • Wellness
  • Men
  • Outlet

Quality-wise products are good but not that good too. There are some complaints related to their products on many sites.


How To Make Money Selling Avon?

What Is the Avon. Scam or Legit MLM Company

There are many ways to be part of this company you can do Affiliate marketing it will cost you only $10, which is the lowest fee to join any MLM company.

Another way is to purchase their brochures and materials for marketing.

You can buy their starter kit which will cost you $30 to join Avon as a starter. 

You will also get 40% off your first order, and there are no monthly minimum orders.

You will get free online training and a website by joining the Avon Company.

There Are Two Ways To Make Money From AVON: 

  1. Be a member or representative make sales and generate commission. You get 10% commission which goes to up to 40% commission.
  2. Build your team and be a supervisor. By this way, you get leadership benefits and commissions from your team sales.

So earning money is similar to other MLM companies (like Juice Plus+, Cutco or Younique), nothing new in Avon too.

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Now Comes The Main Point:
Avon Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of the Avon company is not tricky like others; it’s straight forward. So if you ask can you make money selling Avon, here is the answer: You need to sell products earn a commission, and your team sells products to get bonuses and commission too. 

  • Campaign sales of 0 to $ 150 you get up to 20% commission on Beauty products, jewelry products, and fashion and home products.
  • Campaign sales of $150 to $ 300 you get up to 30% commission on Beauty products, jewelry products, and 20% fashion and home products
  • Campaign sales of $300 to $ 500 you get up to 35% commission on Beauty products, jewelry products, and 20% fashion and home products
  • Campaign sales of $ 500 or more you get up to 40% commission on Beauty products, jewelry products, and 20% fashion and home products.

AVON Bonuses

They have Bonus slabs too:

 QUALIFIED RECRUIT BONUS you earn 20% by bringing Avon, the representative. 

Second is SPONSOR BONUS when your sale more than $50 products in a campaign you get up to 3% commission as sponsoring bonus.

PROMOTION BONUS you grow with your team ambassador, leader, the executive leader in that slots is given for all who are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Starts from $500 to $20,000.

Avon promotion

Last, in GENERATION BONUS, which is similar to a promotion bonus, in this, you have to be a star promoter. You get a sales bonus from your team.

Avon generation bonus

Lawsuit On Avon

In 2018, a lawsuit was filed against the Avon company by Caroline Ruiz and Olivera Krstanoska as they were fired from an executive job in Avon’s Manhattan headquarters during pregnancy.

In 2018 may class action lawsuit was filed for alleged failure to warn employees of a mass layoff at their Orlando location and other sites. And in 2016, the company paid $6.25 million to settle a pension management class-action suit. They were accused of mismanaging funds during foreign corrupt practice act investigation.

Pros And Cons Of The AVON


  • Avon Company’s skincare Products are good.
  • Easy to start
  • The compensation plan is not tricky like other MLM company
  • This company is not total fraud like other pyramid companies who are working on the name of MLM.
  • It is right behind Amway, Nu Skin, and other few companies.
  • The company is more than 125 years old.
  • The company’s revenue is more than 5.5 billion even in the struggling period.
  • BBB rating is high in A’s


  • Company has lost its charm from the past few years.
  • Lawsuit on the company has ruined their reputation in the market.
  • You will need to be an aggressive representative if you want to earn money and climb to the next level
  • New members are losing money.
  • Some products reviews are below average.
  • You will need to add some extra money for brochures, flyers, and business cards.
  • It’s hard to find Avon Representatives Annual Report. There is one from 2015 and it shows that maximum yearly earning per representative are ONLY $1.026

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Conclusion On Avon

3 stars review

Overall, Avon is an average company which is there for 125 years; they have made their name in the market. But they are not able to continue with the same spirit which they started. They are not adopting new things to come out of the jail of the falling graph of the company.

With lawsuits filed against the company was a setback for them and it damage company’s image too. Companies graph is declining, which is not a good sign for a new joiner.

Basically, for me, the company is not a scam but as an MLM and few lawsuits on the company and no new things in the past few years even after falling on the continuous rate is a red signal. So I would not recommend anyone to join this MLM Company. You might lose money and time by entering the Avon Company.

So I would rather say try something good like Affiliate marketing, which can give you good progress without any risk. 

Its growing industry and you can catch the train now and start your own online business. The great news is that I have a FREE training, and if you decide to start, I will be your personal mentor.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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