10 most profitable niches for 2020
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What Is The Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing To Look Out In 2020?

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Top 10 Niches With 180 Subniches

We have been presented with a lot of online income generating opportunities since time immemorial.

Well, these opportunities are a result of the increasing and growing online world and the advent of the Internet.

Nothing could have been possible without this invention, and it has provided all of us with opportunities to do better in our careers.

Many advised to stay away from MLM business programs and resort to Affiliate marketing for good income-earning online.

And, rightly so, because of the number of profits that Affiliate marketing offers, probably no other online opportunity can.

Affiliate Marketing In Brief

Affiliate marketing is an online business model where an affiliate can make money or earn a commission by promoting the company’s products or services through various online mediums.

The affiliate can do the same with the optimum use of social media platforms, websites, blogs, etc. by posting the affiliate links smartly.

Once a customer clicks on the affiliate link provided by the affiliate and land on the page for making a purchase and eventually purchases the product or service, the affiliate earns commissions.

Affiliate Marketing Model

The tracking of sales happens through affiliate links from one website to the other.

People get into Affiliate marketing, thinking they can start earning well. Still, important here is also to know in what niche to get into to gain even better.

To understand this, you should know where your passion lies and understand the different niches that can prove to be profitable for them to make a decent income.

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Getting into the right Affiliate niche is equally essential in building a lucrative income monthly.

What Exactly Is An Affiliate Niche?

Affiliate niche in simple words is a field or business of your choice that you would like to explore and get into to promote its products or services.

The foremost thing to understand is to know what Affiliate niche you want to get into. And, the next thing that you must know is to pick the right sub-niche to be more specific.

For example, if you are a person addicted to the fashion world, then your Affiliate niche would probably be the latest trends in clothing or any other fashion-related products.

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The more pertinent content you write on your favorite niche with proper keywords, the higher ranks you might get on Google with your posts.

And, the more posts people see of yours, the more chances of them to click on the affiliate links provided by you on your posts and make a purchase through them and also eventually generating a sale.

There are quite a few profitable Affiliate marketing niches that can prove to the best in 2020.

The Best Affiliate Niches In 2020
( 10 Niches With 180 Sub-niches)

The Health & Wellness Niche

The most talked about, and the most popular niche is the health & wellness niche. The global health market is estimated to be worth about $10 billion.

People are crazy when it comes to searching for products or services that can help them maintain good health and physique.

They are in constant search for diet or health products that can benefit them in every way possible.

They continuously search for the best exercises to lose weight, diet plans, and various workout regimens.

They also specifically search for losing the extra flab from the hip area or waist area, etc.

Know what the audiences are curious about and enlighten them with your related posts.

Pick a sub-niche like:

  • Healthy eating,
  • Appetite Control Strategies,
  • 1000 calorie diet,
  • 7-day diet,
  • Keto diet,
  • Body detox,
  • Anorexia,
  • Weight loss,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • Stress management,
  • Anti-aging,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Yoga ( different types),
  • Alcohol addiction,
  • Alternative medicine,
  • Asthma Treatment,
  • Bipolar Disorder,
  • Blood Type Diet, etc.

Example: HealthLine.com is one of the best health blogs in 2020 that is going well in the Healthy Diet and Weight Loss department.

You can start as an affiliate for Pure Formulas, Vita Spring or Health Products for You.

Personal Relationships Niche

Personal relationship niche

In today’s time, where most of the people are pre-occupied with their work and are too busy in their professional lives, becomes difficult for them to focus on their personal life and specifically on their love life.

If you are a person who is good at writing romantic content or poems and can charm the readers with your words, then you can start your affiliate marketing business by starting a blog about relationships.

You can give them ideas for first dates, how to dress for dates, how to impress the person you love, and related queries.

Sub-niches can include

  • Blind dates,
  • Hook-ups,
  • Relationship blogs,
  • Best Dating Sites,
  • Biker Dating,
  • Christian Dating,
  • Dating After Divorce,
  • Disabled Dating,
  • Geek Dating,
  • Internet Dating,
  • Interracial Dating
  • Senior Dating,
  • Speed Dating Online,
  • Relationship Problems, etc.

Example: DatingAdvice.com is the authoritative online guide to all things dating. It is a good example of how this niche can be very profitable.


Sports Niche

There is a lot of people who are only interested in sports or news related to sports.

Half of them are crazy sports fanatics, and they hardly get time to play some. So, they read about their favorite players, or a recent game, and also stuff related to that.

You can smartly plugin your Affiliate marketing business in the posts that you write for any sports.

You can also write posts or blogs on sports-related items that people might also search for like Best Football shoes, Best Baseball cleats, etc.

You can also create videos of how to improvise a vertical jump or how to hit better, etc.

Sub-niches can be:

  • Sports equipment,
  • Sports training videos,
  • Home gym equipment,
  • Sports Betting,
  • Sports Massage Techniques,
  • Sports Medicine,
  • Sports Nutrition,
  • Sports Tips,
  • Sport Fishing,
  • Basket Weaving,
  • Basketball Practice Plans,
  • Golf Ball,
  • Golf Carts,
  • Golf Lessons,
  • Golf Tips,
  • Swimming Technique,
  • Synchronized Swimming,
  • Teach Tennis,
  • Table Tennis,
  • Cycling gear,
  • Cycling news,
  • Cycling shoes,
  • Scuba Diving,
  • Sky Diving,
  • Mixed Martial Arts,
  • Cross Country Skiing,
  • Figure Skating,
  • Ice Skating,
  • Inline Skating,
  • Inline skating Tricks,
  • Roller Skating,
  • Speed Skating,
  • Water Skiing,
  • Martial Arts Gear,
  • eSports, etc.

The mixed martial arts industry is expected to reach $565 million by 2022. There is a lot of room for earning from affiliate links.

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Footwear Niche

Footwear is a niche that some are crazy about. Some people have a fetish for shoes or any other kind of footwear. So, they continuously search for new arrivals in footwear or want to know about the latest trends as well.

There are hundreds of different varieties of footwear, and to add to that, it also has variations for people having different foot like wide feet, narrow feet, etc.

Subniches can be:

  • Best walking shoes,
  • Best winter shoes,
  • Best tennis shoes,
  • Best Running Shoes
  • Foot Care,
  • Crossfit shoes
  • Cycling shoes
  • Cowboy Boots,
  • Footwear Accessories,
  • Footwear Trends,
  • Shoes for Kids, etc.

You can write posts about shoes and can receive millions of views in a month.

You have hundreds of shoe merchants that you can promote and earn an affiliate commission. Some of them are Shoespie, Aber Shoes, Pandere Shoes,…

Beauty & Fashion Niche

Not only young adults but also kids and older adults are nuts for specific trends and fashion.

This niche can prove to be highly profitable for your Affiliate marketing business.

Fashion is an industry that will remain in ‘fashion’ as people are always interested to know about new clothing trends that they can switch to.

When it comes to beauty, women especially have this habit of searching for everything related to it. Anti-aging, radiating skin products, spots or pimple removal products, etc.

  • Fashion trends,
  • Cosmetics & beauty,
  • Business Fashion For Men,
  • Fashion design,
  • Gay Fashion,
  • Baby fashion,
  • Eye Creams,
  • Lipsticks and lip glosses,
  • Beauty Supplies,
  • Beauty Tips,
  • Men’s Suits,
  • Men’s Swimwear,
  • Natural Skin Care,
  • Natural Wrinkle Treatment,
  • Eczema Treatment,
  • Hair Loss Treatment,
  • Human Hair Wigs, etc.

You can become an Affiliate marketer for online stores like SaleEvent.com, Zaful or Bohme.

These online stores, as well as hundreds of others, are part of the Affiliate Marketing Network called ShareASale (which I wrote about HERE).
By joining ShareASale, you have access to over 2,500 merchants whose products you can promote.

The Technology Niche

There are people who are insanely in love with technological gadgets or stuff related to that.

If you are a person who loves gadgets and wants to explore different devices, then tech blogging is an excellent option for you. And, to become a good tech blogger, you need to have excellent knowledge in the tech field.

There are many out there who are interested in knowing tech news, and you can become their go-to person for their queries.

You can give a start to your Affiliate marketing business by marketing a lot of tech products.

Sub-niches can include:

  • PC technology,
  • Mobile technology,
  • Wearable Technology,
  • Tech news,
  • Technology in sport,
  • Communication technology
  • Information technology,
  • Medical technology,
  • Smart Home,
  • Biohacking,
  • Streaming,
  • Video surveillance,
  • Home Security Systems,
  • etc.

Music and Movie Niche

If there are sports fanatics, there are also music and film fanatics. Some people eat, drink, sleep music, and movies.

And, if you can create content related to this niche, then you can be a profitable Affiliate marketer soon.

You can write reviews on films or the latest songs and compositions by providing your original opinions and thoughts on the same.

Entertainment is a space that almost everybody all around the world keeps an interest in.

Posting related content plus affiliate links like ‘learn how to play the guitar’ or ‘join an acting course today’ can make you earn commissions.

Sub-niches can be:

  • Film reviews,
  • Music blogs,
  • Best Movies Of All Time,
  • Best Horror Movies,
  • Short Movies,
  • Silent Movies,
  • Film Making,
  • Conducting Music For Beginners,
  • Music Producing
  • Music theory
  • Music videos
  • Music Writing
  • Music downloads
  • Music players,
  • Learn To Play Guitar
  • Learn To Play Piano, etc.

The Music Stand exists since 1976 and they offer a wide range of music and music-themed products. Their affiliate program is honest and standard with a 10% commission rate and a 30-day tracking cookie.

Virtual Sheet Music is a highly popular download site that receives over 20,000 unique users per day. They have been reviewed in important classical music magazines like International Musician, Music Teacher, and Classical Music. Affiliates receive 30% of sales of their instant downloads or membership fees and cookie length is basically forever.

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Internet/Digital Marketing Niche

One of the most competitive niches is the Internet or digital marketing niche for Affiliate marketing.

If you are a digital marketer or an Internet marketer who has goals to make the Affiliate marketing business a success, then blogging for this niche is a great option.

Any marketing that is done via social media platforms, websites, email, search engines, and mobile apps is digital marketing.

For making your Affiliate marketing business a success, you can post articles related to various marketing strategies, create videos, webinars, and also give product reviews.

Sub-niches include:

  • Content marketing,
  • SEO marketing,
  • Mobile marketing,
  • Affiliate marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Facebook marketing,
  • Pinterest marketing,
  • Instagram marketing,
  • Niche marketing,
  • Online marketing,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Video Marketing,
  • Virtual Assistant,
  • Digital Photography,
  • Internet Advertising, etc.

Example: Neil Patel is recognized as a leader in the digital marketing industry. Hundreds of thousands of visitors a month come to his blog to learn how to market a business.

Pet Care Niche

Some people love animals more than humans.

This is the target audience that you need to cater to when it comes to the pet care niche. These people spend more on their pets than they ever spend on themselves.

You can make your Affiliate marketing business successful when you can create content and promote products or services that are pet-related.

Sub niches include:

  • Pet Diets,
  • Pet Grooming,
  • Pet Clothes,
  • Exotics pets,
  • Pet Adoption,
  • Pet Rehab,
  • Pet Supplies,
  • Pet Travel,
  • Diy Homemade Dog Food,
  • Dog Breeding For Beginners,
  • Dog-Friendly Hotels,
  • Dog Grooming,
  • Dog Health,
  • Dog Potty Training,
  • Dog Sledding,
  • Dog Training,
  • Cat Care,
  • Cat Health,
  • Cat Toys,
  • Puppy Food,
  • Dog Treats, etc.

Example: a great example of a cat website is Conscious Cat. Here you can find out all about their health, care, nutrition, and behavior.

Over 600,000 people are searching for dog-related keywords every month – revealing huge online demand.

There are over 500 merchants on ShareASale selling different items related to dog food.

Travel Niche

Travel affiliate marketing niche

If you are a person who wants to explore the world and have great traveling experiences, then this niche is for you.

Even when people don’t get time to go for a holiday from their busy schedules, the least they do is search for places they wish to go for a holiday.

Travelling is also said to be therapeutic, and you can become their go-to person for traveling tips and different destinations of the world.

You can write not just about the famous spots of a destination but also the unknown facts about the place and why people should visit that place.

You can make your online business profitable when you provide links to various airlines, tour operators, or holiday packages, which can make you earn good commissions.

Sub-niches include:

  • Airline reviews,
  • Travel budgeting,
  • Hotel reviews,
  • Campervan Travel,
  • Couple Travelling,
  • Cruise Travel,
  • Historic Travel,
  • Last Minute Travel,
  • Retirement Travel,
  • RV Travel,
  • Single Travel,
  • Travel Luggage,
  • Travel the world,
  • Travel Tips,
  • Ski Holidays,
  • Beautiful places,
  • Work And Travel, etc.

There are many affiliate programs for the Traveler Niche. Airbnb, Booking.com, and Viator are probably best known.

So, What Are You Waiting For?
Go Select Your Niche

Once you understand where your interest lies, you are all ready to go for it. If not this, then you can also select a niche according to what is popular and how profitable a niche is.

The more you write posts and reviews or create videos or testimonials related to that niche, you can make more profits for your Affiliate marketing business.

You can easily find thousands of merchants that are looking for affiliate marketers and give you 5 – 50% if a customer arrives through your affiliate link.

On the ShareASale Affiliate Network, you will find products for each niche you choose. By clicking on this LINK you can sign up now for free.

These niches are just the beginning of what is possible. There are hundreds of ways to make money with affiliate marketing on your website, including product reviews, a list of the top 10, directions, and more.

But what about traffic and conversions? How do you secure clicks on affiliate links?

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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