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What Is timebucks.com? Legitimate GPT Site Or A Scam?

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Helping People Earn Some Decent Bucks Or Only A Time Waste?

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are barely scared of the fact that they are jobless. The Internet gives a lot of job opportunities to individuals who are out of jobs and to those who want to work from home.

Isn’t it amazing to know a person can earn at least a decent amount of money working from home at their convenience and choose any job of their choice for that matter?

The Internet has made all this possible with a long list of websites and companies coming up every day with different work from home job opportunities for all those people who are searching for different ways every day to earn something.

Want To Know How I Make Money Online?

We already know the advent of MLM sites that emerge every day from nowhere and present us with various opportunities to earn money.
There are a lot of ‘Get paid to (GPT)’ sites as well that do the same thing.

Today we will be talking about one such Get Paid To (GPT) site called “TimeBucks.”

Amongst an already elaborate list of GPT sites ( like Survey Junkie, Unique Rewards, or Quick Rewards) that allow people to earn money from home by fulfilling specific tasks like any other GPT site and pay cash in return for doing those tasks.

The only thing different from TimeBucks is that they offer cash payments only, unlike other sites that provide other rewards as well.

What Is TimeBucks?

Timebucks logo

TimeBucks is a typical GPT website that pays users for completing specific online tasks given to them.

It is a company owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd and was created in the year 2014. It has its headquarters at Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

TimeBucks is a reward site that pays users real cash for completing tasks given to them, such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and much more.

There also offer several one-time tasks for you to start earning cash.

How To Get Started With TimeBucks?

A good thing about TimeBucks is that it is free to join.

Anyone can be a part of TimeBucks and is also available in all countries.

Still, the only requirement is that PayPal should be accepted in your country because TimeBucks only makes payments via PayPal or Payza.

You can create your new account by using your Facebook information or your email address.

After you make the account, you will receive a confirmation mail where you will need to verify your email address to receive payments.

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What Are The Ways Through Which You Can Make Money From TimeBucks?

Just like other GPT sites, TimeBucks also has the age-old ways through which it makes you earn money like:

  • Surveys – what are GPT sites without surveys? Well, this is the most basic way of earning money in GPT sites by taking or filling out surveys. On a global basis, you can make only $0.50 for a 15-minute survey.
  • Viewing content – you will have to see a lot of content, including slideshows, websites, etc. complete the captcha and scroll the content. And, you only earn a mere of $0.001 per offer.
  • Watching videos – you need to watch entire videos and also subscribe to channels to receive the credit. The videos are generally of a few minutes and only pay you between $0.001 to $0.02 per video.
Timebucks earnings
  • Raffle – you can buy raffle tickets and can earn a bit more money than the ticket price only if you win and the house loses, which is not the case most of the time.
  • Taking photos – for instance, you can even earn for growing your beard. All you have to do, take your before and after picture of your beard growing process and receive a reward for doing that.
  • Offerwalls – these are offers from the partners of TimeBucks. You can get paid for answering surveys, downloading mobile apps, playing games, etc. These tasks are generally for 15 minutes and pay you around 20 cents.
  • Emails – you can earn by reading emails daily and can earn around $0.01 to $0.02.
  • Once off – you can earn money for completing one-time tasks like installing TimeBucks Chrome extension, liking TimeBucks on Facebook, subscribing to TimeBucks YouTube channel, etc.
  • Other offers – earn money by buying stuff online, signing up to different websites. But for this first, you will need to spend some money to receive some later.
  • Referrals – this is the only way you can earn some decent amounts by referring people to TimeBucks. You can make a few bucks or bonuses if a person signs up through the link provided by you and uses the service.

How Does TimeBucks Pay You?

TimeBucks is quite rigid in its payment process. It only pays you through PayPal or Payza weekly every Thursday. It does not deal with a cheque or direct deposits, unlike other GPT sites.

Also, there is a minimum threshold of $10, after which you can start cashing out your earnings.

Positives of TimeBucks

  • Variety of tasks involved.
  • Can make you earn some extra bucks.
  • Can make you earn better through the referral program if done right.

Negatives of TimeBucks

  • Too low income earning potential.
  • A lot of survey limitations depending on your demographics.
  • Pays only through PayPal and Payza, and not via cheque or direct deposits.
  • Hard to qualify for surveys.

Final Thoughts On TimeBucks

TimeBucks is not a scam or any bogus website.

It offers a lot of ways and different tasks that pay you real cash.

But, the fact remains that the real money they are talking about is nothing but just a few cents, which is not something a person can depend upon.

If you are thinking about making a career only by being a member of such GPT sites, then it is a bad idea.

Because that is never going to happen, nor are you going to become a millionaire just by taking surveys, watching videos, or doing tiny tasks online.

And, if still, you wish to earn money by doing these online tasks, then there are far better GPT sites compared to TimeBucks. It gives you better earnings with many more tasks involved like SurveyJunkie, FusionCash, Quick Rewards, Unique Rewards, etc.

Also, a better online earning opportunity is Affiliate marketing. That involves promoting products or services of your choice on social media platforms, blogs, websites, and you can earn each time a sale is made through.

All in all, Though TimeBucks may not be a scam and is a legit company. Still, it is not something that I can recommend. Looking at almost no income earning potential and also the fact that there are far better GPT websites that can be explored for better earnings.

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