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Getting The Game On Point. What is trollandtoad.com?

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Let’s start the game. No, we are not playing any games here but talking about a website that deals with everything and anything that relates to gaming. How exciting this sounds, right?

Couldn’t have thought that people could even open businesses online relating to games as well. The Internet has made even this possible for us now. Among all those things that we might be talking about, buying all sorts of games and also selling games can make you earn so much in return. 

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What Is TrollAndToad.com?

What is trollAndToad.com

TrollAndToad.com is an online company that is the biggest or the giant most company dealing with everything that is games or relating to games.

They sell everything, starting from single cards to current most famous games. Can you believe that? All things games, not kidding here.

They are in this business for the past 20 years, and their motto itself talks about “for us, by us” that means that they are owned and operated by gamers, so you can also imagine the passion behind it.

In our childhood as kids, we always have been ever excited about playing games, be it anything indoors or outdoors. What if I tell you that with this website you can go back to your childhood and relive those golden days once again but, this time you not only play games just for enjoyment but you also earn something back.

“Troll and Toad” is different from other competitor websites precisely because it is all owned, governed and operated by gamers.
So the person who is selling you games and you as a customer who is a gamer are all under one roof “Troll and Toad” to quench the thirst for gaming.

Thousands of people come on this website to buy things they love because they connect with the makers of the game, people who have the same interests and hobbies, they connect on the mutual love for games.

They have a wide range of gaming products available on their website, which the customers can choose from. 

Some Of Gaming Products Include

  • Single-game cards
  • Booster boxes
  • Pokemon cards
  • Pokemon ball collector’s tins
  • Yugioh cards
  • Marvel character’s miniatures and cards
  • Toys
  • Board games
  • Video games
  • Game supplies, etc

                     And what not! The list is endless. You can get tired by searching for things on this site for buying; such long is the list of games they offer.

How To Make MOney
With Troll And Toad

Talking about how we can earn money from this website.

It is a simple process “Troll and Toad” not just sells different kinds of games but also provides a platform for like-minded gamers to sell their old games or probably new ones that they are not going to use.

Troll and Toad buy from you and sells it on their website. And you get paid for what you sell to Troll and Toad. In this manner, you also earn something from them. However, there are quite a few conditions that you need to fulfil to undergo this selling process.

What Is The Procedure For Selling
Games To Troll and Toad?

  • First, you need to navigate the item in their search bar that you wish to trade. The search bar will give a scroll down for similar things, and you can select what you want to sell.
  • Once you locate the product, you need to enter the amount at which you wish to sell, and the same is submitted in your cart automatically. You have full control over your cart you can add/remove items from it, clear your cart or provide your list.
  • Then you need to ship the same to “Troll and Toad”; a suggestion would be to choose a shipment method that can be insured and can also be tracked for your convenience.
  • After you have submitted your list comes the payment part. You need to choose a mode of payment either by check, PayPal, or website credit payment. You can expect your payment generally in 5 business days after your order is processed.
  • Only after verifying your products “Troll and Toad” will issue your payment.

There are specific policies that you need
to keep in mind

  • You need to have a “Troll and Toad” account before you submit your order.
  • The minimum age for submission of your list is 18 yrs or must be done under parental guidance.
  • The minimum order total must be at least $30.
  • Troll and Toad can anytime refuse your items, thereby rejecting the sale for any reason.
  • “Troll and Toad” will not be held responsible for any damage done to the items during the shipment process; the same should be claimed from the shipment company.
  • The payments are not finalized till they receive your items and only after verifying them you can expect your payment.
  • Items must be sorted according to the invoice or else a sorting fee of $10 per hour will be levied, and the same would be cut from your final payment.
  • “Troll and Toad” do not accept C.O.D.

There are other terms & conditions as well, which you can get in detail from their website.

I Don’t Have Any Games To Sell,
Can I Still Earn Money?

There is one more exciting way to earn from TrollandToad.com, and that is through Affiliate marketing.

What Is TrollandToad.com

Affiliate marketing is nothing but indirect selling of goods and services through links that are provided online on websites, blogs, social media and the like.

You can become one successful affiliate marketer if you believe in making profits for both yourself and the marketer. So, it is a win-win situation for both, and that is how good affiliate marketing can be to you.

Because when you promote a marketer’s brand through your website or online mediums and the traffic that gets generated through clicks on their website, you get paid a portion of the sale or a certain amount for each sale that gets generated. 

Troll and Toad give us that opportunity to earn money not only by selling your games to them but also through affiliate marketing.

What Are The Positives Of Troll And Toad?

  • The first and foremost plus point of this website is that it gives you the cheapest rates for all types of games, much lower than the competitor’s site. So, you even earn by saving those extra bucks.
  • For orders that are worth $25 and more they also provide free shipping service(in the USA), but the order must not have any bulk cards. 
  • The website is extremely easy to use and understand.
  • The customer service is also quite efficient and responsive.

What Are The Negatives Of Troll And Toad?

  • There are too many policies and terms and conditions that you may need to follow.
  • Their system and process are a bit slow, sometimes, as reported by a few users.
  • There are also delays in orders, especially for international shipments.

Final word:

For all those people who are die-hard fans of the gaming world and who are already gamers themselves should go ahead with Troll and Toad for not only buying things from them but also selling to one of the giant gaming companies in the online world.

It is also an excellent opportunity for Affiliate marketrs and earning some extra income. “Troll and Toad” is full of fun and frolic with all your favorite games plus makes it a more fruitful experience when you know you can earn from what you love.

If you are into gaming and stuff and are looking forward to starting your career with small business and affiliate marketing, then you are “game” for it.

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