What Is Usana? MLM company
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What Is Usana Health Sciences? Success In The Health Industry Or Just A Scam?

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Health! When someone says the word health, there are so many things that come in our minds. Maybe many concerns are there already in our mind for our own health. And, what do we really do for all the concerns we have for our health? 

Welcome to my Usana review!

The health industry is growing day by day. There are so many companies dealing in the health care industry. All these companies are expanding in their own ways. 

You Can Make More Money From The Health Industry!

People today have become very conscious regarding their wellbeing and health as a whole. Not only the oldies or the young blood but even kids today are over conscious about what they eat in a day and how they burn it off. This is how important this topic has become in today’s time.

Through this consciousness of maintaining good health has been there for ages. It has even more come into limelight with many competitors entering this grand market. And most importantly, it has a lot to do with societal pressure. The pressure to look good always!

What Is Usana Health Sciences?


Today, we will know about a company whose sole purpose is to provide excellent health with its nutrition-based products. 

Usana is one company that deals with various health and wellness products and aims to build a healthier world with their products.

It is important to know that Usana is essentially an MLM company. This company does not only want to spread its products through retailing but also through recruiting people and creating a stronger sales force.

What Is Usana’s History?

Dr. Myron Wentz founded Usana in the year 1992. It deals with health & wellness products and is primarily a network marketing or Multi-level marketing company. 

Dr. Myron Wentz is not just any retailer in the business but is a doctor who holds B.Sc. degree in Biology holds an M.Sc. degree in Micro-Biology and holds a Ph.D. in Micro-Biology and Immunology. So, with these many qualifications, you can understand that the products are really Science-based and not just claiming it to be.

Dr. Myron Wentz, founder, chairman, and CEO of USANA Health Sciences was honored at a special ceremony in Israel with the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Life Sciences.

Also, Usana, as a company, is a team of scientists and researchers. They are continuously in the process of finding and making the best products that are science-based and are nutritional for every human body.

People today are living too short and dying too long from degenerative diseases and I believe that proper nutrition is the answer to that.
~ Dr. Myron Wentz

What Are Products That Usana Deals With?

Well, there are more than 150 products, but the product range is as below.

  • Nutritional supplements: several vitamin supplements and other unique formulas that deal with joint and bone health, eye health, prostate health (only for men), acute memory function, and nutrition for total body health.
  • Personal care: It has everything that deals with skin, body care and hair. Skincare includes creams, moisturizers, etc.; Hair and body care includes hand and body lotion, toothpaste, shower gel, etc.; they also have skin treatments that include masks, age-defying gels, etc.
  • Diet & energy: This has everything to do with dieting products. They provide food replacement shakes and also snack bars.

Though Usana is also an MLM program, still its products are considered to be world-class products & there are reasons to support this.

  • It is at number 1 position as Nutritional Supplement Company as per Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplement’s study.
  • It has several patents for its various products.
  • Several world-class athletes also trust Usana.

How Do We Get Started With Usana?

What Is Usana MLM company

You can start as a Preferred Customer or Usana Associate.

If you just want to use Usana products, as a Preferred Customer, you will have 10% discount.

If you need monthly supplies, then it is a good option to go with the “Auto Order.”

This way, you will receive another 10% discount. That means you will be able to purchase your favorite products with 20% discount.

As Usana Associate, you can sell their products and invite people to join.

There is a start-up fee of $29.95 and also a renewal fee of $20 every year after that.

With the starter kit, you will receive all the brochures and training material that will be needed by you to start with this business.

You will need an extra of $100 to put in for product purchase every month.

How Does The Compensation Plan
For Usana Work?

It is just like any other MLM company. 

  1. You either sell the products directly through your website and earn retail profits.
  2. Or you recruit more and more people and create a downline which in turn give you commissions through every sale made.

There are three different business modules that Usana gives us, which is in the range of $300 to $1300. And, in case you can’t afford that then you can purchase 200 points for $240 and $120 for every four weeks. 

This is how complicated their fee structures are for any person thinking of becoming a consultant with Usana:

And, if you want to be associated with Usana as an active consultant, then you have to sell to at least five different customers every four week period which is according to their ‘5 customer rule’. This is Usana’s way of avoiding to give commissions to consultants as every consultant cannot achieve this five customer rule thing.

You can still earn from Usana:

  • Retails sales: Whatever amount you keep as commission for the products is your profit.
  • Weekly Bonuses: you can exchange your points from your downlines for commission every week.
  • Bonus as per ranks: If you downlines can make more profits, then they reach certain levels of ranks such as “Premier PaceSetter” or “Premier Platinum PaceSetter.” With that, you will receive additional commissions.
  • Incentives: Depending on your performance, you will also be given various incentives like luxury cars, cash, etc.
  • Leadership and Elite bonus: If you are at Gold director rank or above, then you can get weekly profit share from Usana. If you are the top earner of the company, then you can get many additional commissions.

How Much You Can Earn With Usana?

Well, you will probably hear stories about how people make thousands of dollars inside this MLM company. Unfortunately, the truth is different then this. As you can see from this image, most of the people in 2107 doesn’t earn any money (54..%). Second group (24%) received from $1 to $250 in a year.

Actually, just very small percentage of people earn enough to have full-income ( less then 1%).


What Are Main Complaints Against Usana?

I didn’t find any complains about Usana products. However, their products have the best nutrition values according to a study called “Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements” by NutriSearch.

Usana Pros And Cons

What Is Good About Usana?

  1. Number 1 as science-based products: Usana undoubtedly deals with science-based products that are appropriately researched by scientists and researchers.
  2. Inventory is not needed: Like other MLM based companies, Usana does not require you to buy inventory and stock it up. It only needs you to recommend their products and create a sale.
  3. Trusted by world-class athletes: Usana is just not any other brand in the market. Several world-class athletes believe it, and hence it proves that their formulas are a hit amongst them.
  4. Years of experience in the industry:  over 27 years in the industry and still growing strong.
  5. They are voted for “Best Company In Network Marketing” in 2013.
  6. Good rating at Beter Business Bureau

What Is Bad About Usana?

  1. Less profit: Again, like any other MLM structured company, Usana too has fewer profits to give its consultants.
  2. Complicated fee structure: The starter kit fees are only the surface fees after that you need to keep paying specific amounts to remain an active consultant.
  3. Most of the consultants fail at covering up the money: Forget about making any profits. Some consultants don’t even cross the break-even because everybody is not well trained in carrying out business with multi-level marketing.
  4. Overpriced products: Though the products are genuine, still they are highly-priced and not every class of people would be able to afford it.

My Conclusion On
Usana Health Sciences

4 stars review

The conclusion to Usana is that it is not a scam. But still, if you are thinking of becoming a consultant with them and doing business, then that is not a great idea. An only a small percentage of people ( less than 1%) are able to achieve the state of true wealth

All in all, Usana is suitable for buying nutritional based products if that improves your health but doing business with them can be skipped.

I`m not a big fan of MLM, because of a lot of reasons you have below. Instead MLM, you can start with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing has no costs involved. It works as per our convenience, and we only have to promote products and services through different platforms like social media, blogs, websites, etc.

You also get the freedom to choose any market for business, and you don’t even have to recruit people in this process.


Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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