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World Ventures Inc – Dream Trips, Business Opportunity or Pyramid Scheme

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Who does not want to be paid to explore the world?

Everyone wants a way out of slavery, a way of the regular 9 to 5 rat race job, and the Internet has opened unlimited opportunities for anyone willing to money out there.

But not in World Ventures, after researching this company, I discovered that 80% of World Ventures representatives never earn money. For those who do, the average commission earned is too low.

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What Exactly Is World Ventures?

World Ventures Inc was founded in the year 2005 and is headquartered in Texas. It is claimed that World Ventures is one of the largest vacation MLM in the world that offers the best deals in irresistible destinations. They have grown to more than 130,000 representatives around the world and currently operate in more than 24 countries.

The World Ventures business has two stages, the DreamTrips membership (DTM), and the World Ventures Representative membership (WVRM). The names can change in any country from which you read this, but basically, there is the page of vacation packages and the recruitment page.

world ventures dream trips

Membership Dreamtrips
– Is It Worth It?

With the DreamTrips membership, you have access to the latest vacation packages. With 60 destinations, the offer is aimed at tourists and adrenaline seekers.

World Ventures has tried to position itself as the cost of the vacation industry. By paying a monthly membership, they say they can find cheaper deals for hotels, as people book in large quantities and save money in the long term.

You have the choice between the gold or platinum membership. In the USA is an initial fee of $ 249.97, followed by a monthly price of $54.99. If you want to be a Platinium member you will need to pay $399.98 plus $99.99 per month!
That is not cheap at all!

World Ventures mebership fees

Unlike most free comparison sites, you can only use this membership to help you find hotels and accommodations.

You’re thinking there are flights in the package at this price, but no. The fact that you have to book your flights separately has led to some severe complaints from individuals that did not know and had actually to cancel owing to unanticipated additional costs.

For most of us, flights are the most expensive factor when booking trips, so I never really understand the point. Maybe DreamTrips could best be described as DreamAccommodation.

And that is not my only problem. You cannot even check the prices or see what offers are available without having to register as a member first. This is problematic because you cannot tell if the membership price is worth it or not.

World Ventures Inc Review

If you, after all, decide to join World Ventures, you will also travel in groups with some other members of World Ventures, which actually implies you are going to pick between previously selected dates.

If you consider this to be a good or bad thing, this is indeed something you must think.

And, unlike 99 percent of companies that offer a 14 or perhaps 30-day refund policy, World Ventures offers you just 3 tedious days.

I’m beginning to understand why people are struggling to make money. Today we live in a very competitive era in which we compare different travel offers (including flights) at the push of a button.

Why would you like to pay a costly membership fee if you are likely to find the same or better offers? Even if the prices are a little lower, keep in mind the monthly rates, and it just does not make sense.

For these reasons, building your very own business online with World Ventures will be challenging to sell. You really need to push for those sales out there.

What Is The Business Opportunity
Of World Ventures?

At first, it sounds perfect:

Come on, who would not want to make money? Summarizing well what each of my readers is looking for in a few words! How much does it cost you? For starters, you have to pay all most $100, okay $99.95 to be precisely (plus taxes), after that, it’s $ 19.99 a month.

Depending on the country you are in, this may be different. Regardless of the price, I don’t like the concept of payment even before I make a sale.

Let see what they say about World Ventures compensation plan:

Why should you pay a company in the world to work for them in the first place? If you want to become a World Ventures representative, you will need to pay an additional $100!

But, that is MLM! ( and that’s why I don’t like it!).
You will need to recruit a lot of people (about 30!) just to start earning.

Do People Truly Make Money
Using World Ventures (WV)?

Less than 1% do it. That’s 99 out of 100 people who are worse off than at the beginning. Of course, this may be due to a variety of factors, but the fact that they offer low prices for vacations, but never include flights, does not help.

But, what happened with 99% of the people that was decided to join and try to make some money. As you can see in THIS LAWSUIT against WorldVentures, 99,7% (!) representatives average net LOSS of over $1,000 per year and gross revenues of about $140.

Is World Ventures A Scam?

There are some people, even if only a small percentage makes money with that, so I don’t know if I can call it a scam, but there are definitely a lot of dubious things.

After a little research, I discovered that the founders of World Ventures, Mike Azcue, and Wayne Nugent, were sentenced years ago for tax fraud.

World Ventures have the highest failure rate, with 80% of the representatives losing money. I think that’s because of the complex compensation plan.

After all, it’s up to you to decide if the World Ventures okay for you. Decide if you want to become a representative on World Ventures, but from what you’ve seen in this piece, you’re not going to make money using the World Ventures, and it’s not entirely a legitimate business opportunity.

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  • Sherri

    Good Afternoon!
    I took the time to read this post out of curiosity and then after reading I became offended because World Ventures has been a part of my life and I have been successful. The information you put in this blog is false at best. As a fellow blogger I would say you did your best to avoid slander but failed. I would suggest better research before posting such things. Maybe you were a part of World Ventures maybe you weren’t but either way it is clear that you do not understand the culture there and that’s okay. In regards to the successes and failures of our reps WV is a field and the reps plant the seeds. The unfortunate truth is too many people come on board not understanding the time and work it takes to put into a business. This is not a get quick rich scheme and if you come into it thinking that you will fail because you will become discouraged when the hard reality sets in that the majority of the world does not see your vision. You WILL get more NO’s than Yes’ that is a fact. “Some will, some won’t, so what”. The reps that succeed are the ones that do not quit. If you endure the No’s and live for the Yes you will be successful in this business and it will without a doubt change your life. You also get a family. The culture is like no other. I’m sorry your view is so negative but your blog couldn’t be further from the truth. Keep blogging but please do better research.

    • Jelena

      Hello Sherri, and thank you for your response. I`m glad that you are successful at World Ventures. If so, you are in 0,7% of people who make money from this company. I did my research and I post a link to document from 2017 where you can see that 99,7% failed. Actually, they are invested more money, then they earned. If you want to pay money to be part of that “great culture,” it’s OK, but most of the people joined to earn some money, and they cant.
      I don’t think they are lazy or stupid. My opinion is that they actually don’t know how that system works.
      You can find similar data from 2016. 79.95% of WorldVentures representatives did not earn a commission and 20.05% representatives made less than $200. It seems you are the lucky one 🙂

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