Yoli Better Body System Review
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Yoli “Better Body System” Review: Living Up Or Only A Scam?

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Since the time and age of Adam and Eve, I guess we are surrounded by online companies and websites that only want to explore the age-old market, a market that everyone is so obsessed about – the health and the wellness market.

This is a sector that is a hot favorite for everyone.

Every company wants to be a part of this already saturated market and still wishes to continue selling with the same idea of “transforming lives.”

Like seriously? Can’t you all come up with something new?

Especially when you know, there is already an endless list of companies who are already dealing in the same market.

Since companies are still coming up with the same ideas and yet only want to explore the health industry that essentially proves that they know consumers, in general, are crazy behind health and wellness products.

They are supremely insane about maintaining good health or a perfect body and wish even to attain a desired shape and health.

Companies, in general, do take advantage of this idea of “looking good and being fit always” and so play around with it and hence come up with all sorts of supplements and products to reinforce this idea even more strongly in the consumer’s mind.

“Yoli” is one such company amongst a tornado of companies that are also dealing in the health & wellness industry.

It also claims, just like other companies, that it will transform lives with its products. But all in all, Yoli is only an MLM company at heart claiming different benefits and profits like many other MLM companies.

Need Additional Income, But Sick of MLMs?

Well, how much does it change lives only time will tell, but before that, let us know a bit about Yoli in detail?

A Bit About Yoli

Yoli "Better Body System" Review

Yoli is a health & wellness company that was initiated in the year 2009 by Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, Bobby Jones, and Michael Prichard.

They claim that their mission is to transform lives physically, emotionally, and financially.

Through physical change, they mean people can take control of their health and body with their products.

Through emotional change, they suggest people can boost their self-confidence and restore peace of mind.

And, through financial change, they mean that people can make profits financially by sharing Yoli “Better Body System.”

In all of the above, everything seems so monotonous talking about their mission because that is something every health and wellness MLM company talks about.

What Is The Product Range That Yoli Offers?

All the below product categories look just so similar to their competitor companies, wonder what different does Yoli sell? Let us have a look at it anyway.

Yoli products

Better Body System

This is Yoli’s flagship product kit that works on different areas of health, including weight loss, pH balance, immune support, total nutrition, sports performance, and energy.

Transformation Kit

This includes a meal plan to maintain a healthy weight, improve digestive health, maintain the balance of pH, and boost metabolism.

Lifestyle Kit

This includes weight management and alkalinity kit, energy kit, and it also gives the option of creating your own kit.

Weight management products

This includes powders and shakes to maintain a healthy body weight.

Sports performance products

It includes capsules, powders, and shakes for better muscle function, improving stamina, support hair, skin, and nails, etc.

Complete nutrition

This includes blends, capsules of nutrients, minerals that promote digestive health, supports cardiovascular health, etc.

PH balanced products

It includes blends and capsules for promoting healthy body pH and supporting exercise recovery, etc.

Immune support

This includes antioxidants and capsules that promote healthy antioxidant levels and the digestive system and improves immunity.


It includes blends and capsules that improves stamina, stimulates metabolic activity, etc.

How Can You Get Started With Yoli?

Just like similar MLM companies ( like Isagenix, AdvoCare International, Herbalife,.. ), there are different costs involved, even for Yoli.

  • You will have to buy a one-time enrollment pack, which costs $39.95, and this fee will also be waived if you purchase any selected initial order packages.
  • Then there is a $20 annual renewal fee plus $9.95/per month fee, which is the cost of a virtual team office and a marketing website.
  • And, to add to all this, you will also have to maintain a monthly auto-ship order of $70 to $80 per month and to recruit two new members to become their active distributor.

So, you will need to start finding new members right away in this MLM business for you to earn a commission.

This is a warning signal in MLM!

Hey-Mom- Turn Your Ideas Into reality

The Compensation Plan Of Yoli

Can anyone please explain why MLM companies have these confusing and trying to understand compensation plans?

What do they want to convey through all these plans?

Anyway, let us still try and know about it.

Yoli uses Hibryd Compensation Plan. Its combination of Unilevel and Binary compensation plan.

There are two basic ways of earning money from almost all MLM programs, and the same is with Yoli:

  • Earn retail profits by selling the products directly to your consumers.
  • Earn by recruiting more and more people in your downlines and earn profits every time they make a sale too.

What Are The Other Ways Through
Which You Can Earn Money From Yoli?

As I said before, Yoli has a hybrid compensation plan, which includes both Uni-level and Binary plans, and this makes it even more confusing.

If there is a good thing about it, then it is that you can make money in 10 different ways:

  • Retail profits – buy the products at a wholesale rate and sell them on retail price to earn the commission.
  • Fast start bonus – 20% bonus on enrolling new members.
  • Break-even bonus – the profits you earn from the auto-ship of your downline members.
  • Commission from the binary team – commissions depending on the performance of the members of the binary team.
  • Uni-level commission for matching bonus – earned based on personally enrolled members and also depended on your rank.
  • Rebate bonus program – commissions on enrolling preferred and retail customers.
  • Global bonus pool – for diamond rank and above a bonus from the company’s profit-sharing.
  • Various business centers – commissions on building another leg/downline.
  • Refer 3, get it free – if you enroll three members within four weeks, you can get free products from Yoli.
  • Luxury car – if you qualify, Yoli gives you up to $600 for four weeks for your car payments.
  • Travel incentives – if you qualify, you can even travel to exotic places in the world.

It sounds very appealing, but most people will get money for just a couple of ways, like the retail profits, rebate bonus program, fast start bonus, refer three get it free, BEB and maybe binary team commission.

The truth is…

The largest number of MLMs have these winning compensation plans but only a very small group of people can make it to the top.

In most cases, there are less than 1% of all members who experience these bonuses while most people struggle at the bottom or even lose their money at this business.

Pros of Yoli

Low start-up cost compared to other MLM programs.

To start with Yoli only require a $39.95 one-time fee, then, if you stay for a year, you will be paid a $20 annual renewal fee, then a $9.95 monthly website fee and $70-$80 monthly auto-ship.

More opportunities are given to earn from Yoli.

If you read my short Yoli compensation plan explanation earlier, there are over ten ways to earn money with this MLM business.

Although, if you want to earn fast cash, luxurious cars, and travel, or to have long term income, Yoli has everything.

So, the combination of the Unilevel and Binary compensation plans could be a good advantage as contrasted to other MLMs.

But, unfortunately, most people will still fail to make a profit from this business.

A wide range of products and kits to choose from.

Yoli offers different products and starting kits, so you can choose what you want to sell.

Cons of Yoli

No income disclosure statement revealed.

While the income disclosure statement is required to be publicly visible on the site of any MLM company, Yoli does not have one posted.

The income statement clearly shows how many companies have members and how much their annual revenue is. This document shows how many people are really making money.

From the experience and many of the reviews I have done, I know that only 1% of people have above-average incomes, with 2-5% of members earning an average monthly salary. So, in most MLM companies, 95% of people don’t make money or even lose their money.

However, the fact that Yoli lacks transparency in the revenue bulletin is an alarming signal.

The only thing I found on their site is this banner:

Yoli Financial disclaimer

Focused more on recruitment.

If you join Yoli, you will quickly realize that you cannot have sufficient income just from selling a product.

Like any other MLM system, the pressure will start to get more and more people involved to make certain bonuses available to you.

You need to put together a list of people you can invite to the promotion, mostly your friends, family members, and colleagues.

Recruiting people is a legitimate way to build a business. But this is only for a group of people who have a really large number of friends or excellent social skills as well as leadership skills.

To most people, this type of recruitment simply won’t suit. Even if you are a born leader, know that the people you add to your bottom line must be the same, otherwise, this job will not work.

Products are not scientifically proven and not approved by the FDA.

Yoli’s products are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and backed by any clinical studies.

As you can find on their website: “Any information presented by medical or health professional – Yoli representatives, is intended for educational purposes only”.

The effectiveness of the product is an individual.

Is Yoli A Scam?

Yoli has been in the business for the past ten years and is backed by actual products, so definitely it is not a scam or a pyramid scheme.

As you can read in this Yoli – Better Body System review, it focuses more on recruitment like any other MLM company, still, it has actual products to be used.

But the income earning potential is meager, and one cannot think of making a career by doing only this.

A better income-earning opportunity is Affiliate marketing where there is no hassle of recruiting people, and you can earn decent income only by promoting products and services on social media platforms, blogs, websites, etc.

As far as Yoli Better Body System is concerned, you can try out their products to see for yourself if they work or not and as for their business opportunity that can be given a miss.

How I’m Earning Online

I’m not a big fan of MLM. I can’t say I didn’t try. I have been a member of several multi-levels, and have never made any significant money.

Until I started researching this type of business, I thought it was a problem for me. Not being active enough, not doing enough, etc. Then I realized that, in essence, only a tiny number of people earn a more severe amount of money in MLM. These are always the owners and very few people at the top of the system.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is the best business model I’ve ever seen, and it can make money online for anyone.

The reason is straightforward…

You don’t have to ask anyone to join.
You have the freedom to promote the products you want, and you are also not limited to promoting one company and its products
You have no start-up costs
In fact, with affiliate marketing …

I created a 4-figure monthly passive income stream and became financially independent, after a terrible divorce and as a single mother of three.

Through my hard work, I moved from a person who is 40 years old, without a job and with three children, to my lifestyle, to work from home, at a time that suits me, and all of that in just two years.


If you want to know how I did it, click to find out my secret:

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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