Is Zija a scam
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Zija International: Trying To Reach The Zenith In The MLM Business Or Only A Scam?

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Even when we continuously talk about different companies having a multi-level marketing structure and how they cease to exist in the so saturated, the same time every day is a new day. I guess for many who try to make their presence felt in the market.

There are already several other companies like Zija in various market fields, having an MLM structure that is entering the business while we are talking about this right now!

This is getting crazier day by day I must say with a heap of companies already trying to swim their ways somehow to the shore with whatever they have just to reach that point where they feel they have arrived!

But all these companies are also aware of the fact that they are facing cut-throat competition in the market and this has been the case for years and years now still they want to explore the same markets that a thousand others are exploring and try their luck.

“Zija” is yet another health and wellness company that has an MLM structure at its core, and like most MLM companies in the market want people to use only their products because they are ‘different.’

Very honestly, the last thing I want to hear from an MLM is that their products are ‘different’ because that is an upfront lie. But, is Zija a scam?

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Let Us Know What Zija Is, After All?

Zija International is an MLM company that explores the same market area like every other MLM company explores, and that is health and wellness.

It was founded by Kenneth E Brailsford back in the year 2005 and is based in Utah.

Talking about Utah, many other MLMs have a home in Utah itself, including Young Living, Younique, Nature’s Sunshine, etc. This clearly shows how much competition Zija already faces in the hometown itself.

But, all of Zija’s products are based on a specific plant named Moringa.

Zija claims all of its products have a crucial ingredient, which is from Moringa plants (Moringa Oleifera), which are also known as Drumstick Tree.

Moringa is a very famous plant that has been around for more than a thousand years and has beneficial properties and considered to be supremely nutritious food. They are generally found in desert areas.

What Are The Products That Zija Offers?

There are various products categories of Zija, and many products fall under that such as:

  • Core Moringa supplements – this includes capsules, teas, and daily supplement drinks.
  • Ameo essential oils – this includes single oils, blends, traditional oil blends, oils for cell health, and Ameo gene expression (AGX) as detoxifying blends, digestive blends, vitality-boosting blends, skin enriching blends, etc.
Zija products
  • Ripstix fitness supplements – this includes pre-workout and during workout shake mixes, also post work out shake mixes, and anytime shake mixes for hydrating and energizing.
  • GenM personal care – this includes skincare products like gels, lip balm, eye serum, hand cream, spa masque, mist, night cream, and Zija oil, etc. Body care products like comfort cream, deodorant, moisturizing body bar, body oil, hand cream, body lotion, and breath mints, etc. Haircare products like shampoo, conditioner, and combos, etc.
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How Can One Get Started With Zija?

Because it is an MLM company, it goes without saying that they charge membership fees, and Zija’s enrollment fee costs $41.90.

This includes the necessary materials like brochures, forms, distributor kits, etc.

There are other kits as well which you can purchase as below:

  • SmartPack 1; SmartPack 2; SmartPack 3; – all kits costs $200/each per month. ( Box Includes 1 Box Premium Tea, 1 case SmartMix, 1 box XM+, 1 WMS Guide, a shaker bottle, 1 box XMpm Caps, and XMam Samples.)
  • PlusPack$200 per month – Includes 1 case XM+, 1 box SmartMix, 1 Box Premium Tea, 1 WMS Guide, XMam Samples and a shaker bottle.
  • Zija Personal System – costs $330 per month – This box includes 2 cases SmartMix, 2 Boxes XM+ 1 Box Premium Tea, 1Box XMam Caps, enrollment, shaker bottle, 8 free product samples, free business kit, and product guides.
  • Zija Builder System 1 – costs $660 per month – This box includes 4 cases SmartMix, 4 Boxes XM+, 2 Boxes Premium Tea, 2 Boxes XMam Caps, Free enrollment, shaker bottle, free business kit, 16 product samples, and product guides.
  • Zija Builder System 2 – costs $1320 per month – This box includes 8 Boxes XM+, 4 Boxes XMam Caps, 4 cases SmartMix, 4 Boxes Premium Tea, Free enrollment, shaker bottle, free business kit, 16 product samples, and product guides.

If you think this is too much money to invest in a business, you can try a Wealthy Affiliate. This program provides a free trial without a credit card.

And if you want to make extra side money without being involved in the business at all, you can try SurveyJunkie,, and QuickRewards, which are all free.

What Is The Compensation Plan Of Zija,
And How Can You Earn From It?

When it comes to MLM companies, there are always two necessary steps at earning from MLMs as below:

  1. Earning commissions from retail profits by selling directly to customers.
  2. Earning from downlines from each sale made by them that is by recruiting more and more people.

And, when it comes to Zija’s compensation plan, they follow a binary structure that means you will need to maintain two legs and keep increasing the downlines by recruiting more members on both the legs.

Zija Binary commission

For any commissions to be earned, you need first to get qualified to avail the same.

The first requirement is that you need to recruit one active member on both the left and right-hand sides of your binary structure.

And, the second requirement is that the members will be considered to be active only with Zija’s monthly auto-ship subscription.

In particular, you get paid based on the achievement of fewer than two legs. So if you have one leg that works great and one that doesn’t – then you may not make money at all.

If you are not satisfied with making a relatively small amount of money, the model is forcing you to get more and more people involved. Honestly, it’s a difficult process, especially if you do it face-to-face. I know this MLM idea is not for me because I do not like to persuade friends and family to join anything.

But to be truly successful, you need to build a big enough team, get sales, and progress through the ranks. Some will succeed, but you have to be really good at sales. After all, the bigger your team gets, the further you will have to look for new customers.

Other Ways Of Earning From Zija

  • Retail commissions – buying at a wholesale rate and selling it at a retail price gives you the upper profit.
  • Fast start commission – you can earn a commission of 15%-25% on the first order from your new members.
  • Volume order commission – you can earn 10% when you reach over 250 PV and also 10% for sponsoring other members when the volume reaches above 250PV.
  • Builder rank bonus – whenever someone reaches the builder rank, they pay out a one-time amount of $30.
  • Binary team commission – you can earn around 15% commission from the organization’s group volume, this commission is paid to the weaker leg of the member or to the leg that made less in that month.
  • Rewards program – when you have recurring orders, you acquire rewards points that can be exchanged for other discounts or new products.
  • Luxury car program – when you reach the gold rank or above every sale cycle, you get eligible to win a luxury vehicle.
  • Other incentives – this includes various prizes, awards, rewards, trips, commissions, etc.

Pros of Zija

  • Have their own CRM mobile app that provides various training materials and back office access to its distributors plus other useful information as well.
  • Usage of Moringa in their products, which is a superfood.

Cons of Zija

  • All products are monotonous and nothing new.
  • Start-up costs and products are way too expensive.
  • Tapping the same saturated industry of health and wellness with many other competitors.
  • Fewer opportunities for sound income generation with many active players in the market already.

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Is Zija A Scam?

Not. Zija may be exploring the same age-old market of health and wellness still it has been in the business for the past 14 years, which is too long, and if it had been any pyramid scheme or a scam, it wouldn’t have been there for so many years and still operating.

Though they are in a saturated market industry, still they have a unique ingredient from Moringa plants, which makes it a tad different from others. But the worst part is that you have to buy the products first and then sell them.

But going for any MLM business for income-earning will always be a bad idea because the Internet gives us better opportunities that are far better at providing passive income and something we can even trust like Affiliate marketing.

Zija is not a company you should be trying your luck at.

Its because you may end up losing more money in buying their products first, plus you will need to keep recruiting people, which will make it even more difficult at earning anything giving only headaches.

Another thing I don’t like about MLM companies. We live in the 21st century, and our lives are drastically different from 1950 when MLM was invented. If you want a successful business, focus on your online business.

You can, like me, launch an affiliate website, you can promote any products you want from any company, so why sell such a limited product range?
Commissions for affiliates range from 5% to 75% and include digital products, Amazon products, and recurring services.

Last year, with my affiliate websites, I generated four figures each month and I can show you how to make them using the same training.

You can promote whatever you want, of course, and keep all the profits (don’t share it with your upline).


Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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