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Zurixx Lawsuit: A Risk Nobody Wants To Take In The Real Estate Investment Sector

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How many of us are in a constant run for earning money?
Most of us or should I say everybody around us.

And, it is also not wrong to think on those lines where we only thrive hard to reach a specific position at our jobs or crack that outstanding deal in our businesses.

We do all of this to fulfill the ultimate motive of making not just good but great money.

The reason to run in this rat race has been more or less because of the competition that we face around us every day.

The constant fear that someone else is going to go ahead of us in life. And, a very crucial role in doing so is played by the online world and, moreover, the social mediums that always try and influence us in becoming something that we are not.

This constant search for happiness and money leads to all sorts of scammy businesses and tricks online.

Tired of all scams and want a legal business?

We get into intending to earn something from it but, what really happens is the opposite most of the time. Instead of gaining something, we end up losing our hard-earned money.

MLMs were already not behind in tricking us into getting into their scam business. And now, there is this unique business of real estate investment that entered the online market only to lure people into making money by “flipping houses.”

We will be discussing a very fishy and already proven scam company named “Zurixx,” which is nothing but a real estate investment company.

Zurixx influences people into getting into business with them and makes false promises of making them earn some real cash in return just by flipping houses.

Can you believe that? Companies are getting much deeper into this business of actually looting the general public in the name of profitable businesses.

Let Us Try And Understand What Zurixx Is All About?

Zurixx lawsuit

Zurixx is a real estate investment company that was founded in the year 2012 out of Salt Lake City, Utah, by Jeff Spangler, who is the President and Founder of the company.

It has operated mostly in the USA and Canada to create financial education programs.

It is a company that claims that it develops financial education programs to make a profit to the members who use their products ultimately.

And, also offers a free educational seminar, 3-day workshops, summits, coaching, advanced training camps, and mentorship that caters to areas of entrepreneurship, real estate investing, business growth and management, asset protection, and personal finances to its students.

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Zurixx only claims to be an opportunity that lets people earn substantial income just by flipping houses, which is through their “flipping system” that it sells.

Zurixx has already been making big claims about itself that talks about implementing and delivering top-notch financial education that makes a student successful.

They also talk about delivering real, tangible results with the help of their network of experts in gaining success for students, clients, and the industry as a whole.

How Zurixx Worked?

Zurixx markets itself as a medium through which real estate products and services are sold and that which allows people to make thousands of dollars of profit by using their products.

A second important aspect of Zurixx is that it comprises of two flipping strategies which are “fix & flip” and “wholesale flip.”

How does “fix & flip” work:

it involves a person first to buy a property and renovate it and then sell it further to the end-user.

How does “wholesale flip” work:

in this, a person acquires an interest in a property then transfers the interest to a wholesale buyer who then fixes and flips the property.

The third aspect of Zurixx:

Zurixx keeps hosting free live events that show celebrities from different house flipping TV shows and advertisements. And also claim how their teams will teach people to make money by investing in real estate and following their system of investing.

Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead on 'Flip or Flop'
Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead on ‘Flip or Flop’

The fourth aspect

Zurixx claims that people who sign-up for their 3-day workshop can earn thousands of dollars in profit with the least amount of risk, time, and effort.

They also claim that people who sign-up will receive 100% funding for their investment regardless of their credit history.

To top of this, they also claim a money-back-guarantee. In which if a consumer does not gain at least 3 times the price of the 3-day workshop within 6 months, then they will return the money.


The Complaint Filed By The FTC For A Permanent Injunction

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued Zurixx and its actions as a company.

The court puts restrictions on the Zurixx’s real estate seminars that featured HGTV stars. And, it is also sued by the Utah Division of Consumer Protection (DCP) for the same reasons.

It seems that their entire concept and strategy of flipping houses did not go down well with the FTC and DCP. They show that their claims are false, deceptive, and misleading, and they do not have any proof to back them.

This strict action was taken against them also because Zurixx lured people into live events and a 3-day workshop with a cost of $1,997. And claimed to make students learn lessons on making money by investing in real estate.

Zurixx real estate scam

All of that with the help of advertisements by celebrities from famous home renovation TV shows like Hilary Farr from HGTV’s “Love It or List It,” Tarek and Christina El Moussa from HGTV’s “Flip or Flop,” and Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour from A&E’s “Flipping Boston.”

Another complaint of Zurixx is that it influenced people to get new credit cards or increase credit limits to fund real estate deals supposedly.

They have also lured people into buying their advanced packages using this new credit that is worth thousands of dollars.

Zurixx also has made people asking for refunds sign an agreement barring them from speaking to the regulators and the attorney generals in case of filling for complaints, etc. and also stopping them from posting negatives reviews and complaints to the BBB.

Zurixx is a scam, and people should be aware of similar ones in the future.

There is no way you can trust a company like Zurixx because it is out and out a scam.

The FTC and DCP proved the same by prosecuting the company for all the false, misleading, and deceptive claims it made. That is only to make people lose money instead of helping them to make any profits.

Anyway, a company that claims that it can help you earn some real cash by flipping houses with little or no effort, time, or risk is a big liar company and nothing but a scam.

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Beware of such companies that show short-cuts to achieving success because, in real life, that does not happen.

If someone promises you that you can make a lot of money with little risk, effort, or time it’s a sign of fraud. If you notice it, notify the FTC at ftc.gov/complaint.

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